Unconventional co-marketing ideas and experiences to promote exclusive waterfronts

Unconventional co-marketing ideas and experiences to promote exclusive waterfronts - Blog - Creative Web Studio

Sometimes many companies feel they need something different to promote their brand but end up proposing the same old methods again. It's therefore necessary an external support able to turn a latent desire of change into profitable ideas: a comprehensive plan where online projects and offline strategies come together.

For example, according to our experience, we have noticed that unconventional commercial forms - like temporary stores - could represent a great opportunity. This is particularly true for seaside landscapes and marinas whose business is often related to the luxury world and represent the access by sea to exclusive touristic areas.

We have directly experienced such a solution by working with Prestige Harrods Porto Cervo, the only Harrods exposition taking place outside the British borders.

In the framework of the old Porto Cervo Marina the property has put on stage a huge number of elegant showcases with some of top international luxury brands. The waterfront has therefore become an anchor of attraction and a place of excellence (no longer just a dock), able to generate in the customers a feeling of pleasure and connection.

Of course, success passes through an aware coordination strategy and a fundamental identification of common interests between the subjects involved. 

In addition, temporary stores can be easily adapted to different environments and cultures, thanks to the support of the highly technological tools (such as video-mapping, immersive experience and augmented-reality). This is especially true for valuable goods because the value so expressed matches the value effectively perceived, regardless of the brand.

But that's not it. Temporary stores have also important "social" implications because they are eco-friendly and allow to enhance a certain area with a low environmental impact (just because they are removable). 

This is why we truly believe that the association between different actors in a jointly marketing strategy can represent a new path for the promotion and enhancement of these exclusive areas.


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