Corporate Responsibility: the ethical nature of the production process as a marketing tool

Corporate Responsibility: the ethical nature of the production process as a marketing tool - Blog - Creative Web Studio

From the second industrial revolution until the globalization and the consumerism era, we have been witnesses of a growing production capability, at the expense of ethical and sustainable production processes. In recent years, however, we figured out that something is changing along with the rise of a new class of consumers, much more demanding and informed. In fact, thanks to a wider and intense circulation of data and information, consumers have reached a high degree of awareness and want the companies to meet their expectations in terms of sensibility. 

The number of companies that started going this way is getting increasingly high. By changing their policies they choose to develop their business focusing on the idea of social responsibility, namely the ability to do something right for working conditions, environment and access to data and information (transparency). In this regard, we consider very interesting the position of businessman Brunello Cucinelli who, on the occasion of the event "Made in Italy without Italy" on 13th November, 2013, claimed:

"If I figure out that you have produced a jacket causing harm to humanity, perhaps I will not buy it anymore. That's why I truly believe that the idea of healthy profit is very strong".

Our daily work continually leads us to the discovery of a huge number of companies of this kind, because digital communication is particularly suitable to underline these features. Try to imagine how powerful can be in marketing the video of a tailored jacket in a proper working environment or the possibility to verify the origin and sources of a certain product directly from your own devices.

In addition, we have noticed that, quite often, those companies that pursue social responsibility have better results in the quality of their goods and viceversa. This means that the realization of high quality products respectful of the environment and working conditions might be the cornerstone of a new development model for our economy and society in the years to come.

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